VASE, 1897
Superb polychrome enameled porcelain vase decorated with flowers, foliage, a butterfly
and an insect highlighted in gold
Signed underneath with the initials SHG, dated 1897 et bearing the letters CN (for Camille Naudot)
incised in the paste
17.5 cm. high

Sieffert, Harant and Guignard (originally Harant et Guignard) were mainly Parisian retailers
of crystal and glass, they did however sell some ceramics, and commissioned pieces. Indeed, they acquired the firm of Charles Lerosey (Le Rosey),
who decorated soft-paste porcelain vases by Naudot, often with Japoniste floral designs and
sometimes with émail cloissoné, following the technique introduced by Thesmar to Sèvres.
Some pieces were decorated by Louis Eugéne Sieffert, others by Adolphe Faugeron.
Their works were exhibited at the 1900 Exposition Universelle.
Their work seems to be quite rare. (Information graciously provided by Professor Paul Arthur).

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